Fly Fishing Strike Indicators, Finally Perfected

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Patent pending design

Hardware and foam work independently to hold line in place

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Strike Indicators Don’t Have To Be Frustrating

“Strike indicators are a pain to use. They have tiny parts to fumble and lose, or are not balanced on the line. Some have parts sticking out that get tangled. Applying, adjusting and removing strike indicators from the line is challenging in the best of conditions, let alone when it is cold. I haven’t found the perfect strike indicator until now.”

Patrick Douglas - Founder of Oros Fly Fishing and inventor of the new Oros Strike Indicators.

Fly fishing strike indicators for anglers tools

How To Attach Oros Strike Indicators

New X-small And X-large Strike Indicators In Stock

Oros x-small strike indicators, designed for small streams, still waters and with small flies. They work best on 0X-7X tippet and the thinner half of a tapered leader

Oros x-large indicators are designed for heavy rigs in deep, fast moving or choppy water. They float twice as much weight as our large indicator

Produced and packaged for less environmental impact.


Oros Fly Fishing Strike Indicators are made with a biodegradable additive that rapidly enhances the ability for plastic to biodegrade in natural environments, not in normal use. Oros's medium strike indicator biodegraded 90% over a one year period


Our paper packaging material is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

Less plastic

No single use plastic is used in our bulk shipping or consumer packaging.

Patent Information

We have recently received notification from the USPTO patent examiner that our patent application that covers the all Oros strike indicators has been allowed.

Once patent pending US 17/653,823 (published as US 2022/0279769 A1) is issued, we will take all appropriate actions to protect our intellectual property.

Other patent applications that cover these Oros strike indicators include US 18/469,777 (published as US 2024/0008467 A1).

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